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Prevention is our goal. A maintenance plan is provided so problems become a thing of the past

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Our mission is to provide cat grooming services that fix real problems.

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At Club Meow Inc, we know you want to be a carefree cat owner with a pet you can be proud of. In order to do that, you need someone to fix the grooming issues you have with your cat. The problem is your cat may be matted, have sharp claws, or shedding and hairball issues which makes you feel somewhat ashamed. You may also feel defeated by lack of resources designed to help with these problems. We believe no one should ever have to live with a messy cat and feel defeated and ashamed because of it.

We understand what that’s like which is why we offer feline exclusive services by the only Certified Feline Master |Groomer in the Metro area.

Here’s what you do: 1) Book Online 2) show up for appointment 3) enjoy a problem-free cat.

So call now to book your appointment. And in the meantime download the free pdf “what to expect during kitty’s first groom”. So you can stop watching your cat suffer while the problems get worse, and instead spend your time enjoying your clean, beautifully groomed cat.