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Let’s face it, we all need a little TLC every once in awhile, and so do your kitties! Here at Club Meow Inc in Council Bluffs, IA we pamper your feline companions to make them feel great and reduce hair issues at home.

When you schedule a groom some of the things your furry friend can experience are a warm massaging bath, thorough hand drying and comb out. Beautiful lion cuts, comb cuts and de-shed treatments are available to reduce shedding, hairballs and allergens.

Mel Brink

Certified Master Groomer, CFMG
NCGI Certifier

Mel is a 2000 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a bachelor degree in Animal Science.  She has been infatuated  with animals since birth and is passionate about learning all she can to better their world.

After more than a decade of intense animal care and control work, Mel saw a great need for high quality feline exclusive grooming and boarding.  The dogs get so many options and amenities when it comes to their care away from home and grooming options are around every corner.  The poor kitties seem to have been left behind in the recent pet pampering surge.  The majority of cats are anxious when they leave their home environment and some have never seen a dog or another cat which adds to that stress.   People often go too fast when handling cats and then misinterpret the cat’s response.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Mel has handled thousands of felines, some of which nobody else wants to touch, so learning body language and feline communication is imperative to interacting with them successfully and with minimal stress.

Mel started Club Meow Inc in 2015 and it is her goal to make sure every feline guest feels loved and pampered just as they would at home while getting the exquisite spa or resort experience!  She graduated from the National Cat Grooming Institute of America in May 2015 and earned the distinction of Certified Feline Master Groomer.  As of graduation she was the Only CFMG in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area