Welcome to Club Meow Inc!

We understand how important your feline family members are to you, so we strive to do our best to make them feel just as special as you do.  Our equipment and products are specially designed just for cats.  Our suites are 4ft x 4ft x 5ft tall with shelving, hidey holes, cozy bedding, a large litterbox with high sides.  We feed what the client brings from home with the exception of a “tuna turndown” if requested.  Our litter boxes are scooped twice daily (or more) and we actually spend time with each cat as long as they allow it.

What makes us even more different from other pet grooming and boarding facilities is that we have a strict NO DOGS ALLOWED policy!  No offense to our canine counterparts but some things just don’t mix.  You will find no smelly, drooley. loud dogs at this club!!

You can learn more about our products on the Services and Pricing page!